Wim van Hennekeler

About Wim van Hennekeler

Wim van Hennekeler helps and advises organizations and their management with driving change and transformation. He speaks on conferences and writes about leadership, change and digital transformation. An example of this is the article “The Impact of the Digital Economy on Organizations” which was published in Management & Consulting and is available in English. In March 2019 his book “Wrong Decisions” was published (Foute Besluiten. Oorzaken en Patronen, Amsterdam, 2019). This is in Dutch but an English version will be published later.

Wim has been working in management consultancy for around 25 years. His experience includes end responsible roles to run large, international consulting units. He has been working with clients across Europe, the United States, India, China and the Middle East. He has an extensive track record working with multicultural teams.

When working with clients, Wim focuses on “end-to-end”, from the advisory phase through to making change stick. Typical areas he addresses are leadership development, business transformation, (digital) innovation and technology driven change. The decision making culture of the client organization often is a key focus area. Wim helps organizations make better decisions and reflect on the underlying patterns of their decision making culture.